Hong Kong Fast Food Located at 900 Market Street in Oakland, the Hong Kong Fast Food restaurant offers an eclectic menu featuring authentic Chinese cuisine. Online orders are available for delivery or takeout/pickup. Appetizers include Dried Fried Ribs and Fried Prawns in addition to our more traditional selections. We offer a classic selection of soups, Hot & Sour, Egg Flower, and Beef, Chicken and Prawn Won Ton. A selection of Fried Rices (including BBQ), is a menu option, along with assorted Chow Meins and Foo Yungs. Our entrée ingredients reflect the influence of our timeless and traditional recipes, and include Szechuan, Mongolian, and Ginger Beef, Salt and Pepper Ribs, Kung Pao Shrimp, Peking Pork Ribs, and Mu Shu Pork. Lunch specials are available, and can be ordered online for delivery, or for takeout/pickup. Order Online Payment Options